Analyzing users physical behavior

This use case is about a free feature.

Just as we explained in our learning tab, inside the Analytics we have the Visits Analytics feature, a more detailed view of each specific place that is present in your place lists.

In the Visits Analytics tab, there is a left side menu in which you can see a map of the selected region that displays the number of visits made by users of your Applications📱in the selected period, and also, the total number of visits.

This visualization allows to observe which regions have the greatest presence of its users, identifying strategic points for the creation of engagement campaigns.

🧙♂Tips: You can click on regions on the map to proceed to the division of areas (Country -> State -> City ...).

The second button on the side menu leads to a visualization of the visits distribution divided into categories.

In addition to the map view, we also have information on the top places. In other words: a ranking of the main places that its users visited, considering each category. It is important to note that the categories tab only displays the 10 categories with the most visits from your application.

🧠Note: The third option in the left side menu is Favorite Categories. If you are interested in viewing the visit information in a specific category that is not displayed in the categories tab, or just want to have faster access to that information, just click on add category and you will be able to have that view.

Visits Analytics also provides information about the number of users living and working in the selected regions and their sub-regions.

This is because we were able to make an inference of these data from the frequency of visits to the same regions.


We do not have the user's home and work address information to ensure privacy and digital well-being.

It is important to note that the visualization of the inference data for work and home depends on the selected region. For example, when selecting a country, the data displayed in the inferences refer to the 10 states in the country with the highest number of visits. When selecting a state, the data will be from the 10 cities in the state with the highest amount of visits. As well, when selecting a city, the data will be from the 10 neighborhoods in the city with the greatest amount of visits.

Combine all the information guaranteed by Visits Analytics to gain knowledge about your user base, understand the concentration of people based on regions, survey the places with the highest incidence of people and successfully guide your marketing campaigns.