React Native

The Inloco SDK allows the application to report user visits to places as they occur. For example, a payment app could register a check-in event when a user makes a transaction in a store. The fact that these visits are confirmed by the context of your application allows the data collected at the moment of the check-in to improve automatic visit detection for the rest your users. In addition, this data is also used on Inloco's analytics platform.

🚶Recording Check-In Events

In order to report a check-in event it is necessary to inform the name of the place currently being visited. It is also possible to inform an optional placeId and an optional set of custom properties related to the event. You can use the method registerCheckIn as shown on the snippet below:

onTransactionCompleted(placeName, placeId, transactionId) {
InLocoEngage.registerCheckIn(placeName, placeId, {
trasaction_id: transactionId

In the example above, a check-in event is recorded whenever the user makes a transaction in the physical world. It includes the name and the identifier of the store where the transaction happened. It is importante to notice that the placeId is optional. It is something that belongs to the context of you application. For example, a payment app might have a unique identifier for each store. In this example, the transactionId is also provided through the extras map.

🧙♂Tips: The placeId is a unique identifier that your application might have for the place where the check-in was registered. It is optional.