Measuring specific places location information

This use case is about a paid feature.

Just as we explained in our learning tab, inside the Analytics we have the Place Analytics feature, a more detailed view of each specific place that is present in your place lists and its relation with visits from your user base.

The first screen of Place Analytics allows us to select establishments that are within a list of places to view more detailed information about it.

🧙♂Tips: In the search field for a list of places, it is possible to view the total visits generated by all establishments on that list in the selected period, as shown in the image:

When you click on one of the establishments, you will see information about

  • Visits in period: total visits that this place had in the selected period. Here we consider both single visits and recurring visits.

  • About visitors: percentage of unique visitors and recurring visitors.

  • Place overview: general information about the place, such as neighborhood, city and country.

  • Area pontential: how many people live and work in the same neighborhood where that place is located.

  • Most visited: a ranking of visits by place in the same category and in the same region.

    • For example: other shopping malls in the Brooklyn neighborhood.

  • Used in campaigns: push campaigns in which that establishment was used

By observing the location data, you can identify the potential of the region to initiate campaigns in these localities, as well as identify the places with the highest incidence of visits to initiate a push notification campaign or simply compare it with competitors (and even with establishment).

When identifying the number of users residing nearby, it is possible to check whether the area is residential or commercial, as well as using these statistics for decision making in your company in marketing campaigns and ways to engage the user.