Creating place lists

Enterprise integrations need you to submit places of interest to have visits collected. 🏬

One of the Inloco features is the possibility to create a place list by clicking on the Place Lists button and clicking on New list. By clicking it, you can submit a CSV file with your places.

After sending your place list, Inloco will provide an analysis with an internal qualification team 👨🔧 to validate each establishment. For this reason, depending on the number of locations you have entered, approval times vary.


To submit a new placelist, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The places must be a place of public access.

  2. The spreadsheet format must be csv and use UTF8, IS01 or WINDOWS1252 encoding.

  3. The spreadsheet must contain the following columns respectively:

    1. Name

    2. Address

      (street, number, neighborhood, city, state and zip code)

    3. Latitude

    4. Longitude

    5. Category


🧙♂Tips: You can find a sample csv here. You must be logged-in to see.


  • Latitude and longitude must have a period (.) When separating decimal precision.

  • The Address column must have the address informations separated by commas.

  • The name column designates the name of the establishment just as it is called. Do not add your location in the name. Avoid cases like “McDonald’s - Shopping Washington”. In that situation, it would just be “McDonald’s”.

  • Temporary events or locations should not be sent in the spreadsheet.