Integrating the user context into your CRM

This use case is about a paid feature.

Using context semantics, low battery consumption (0.5% / day) 🔋 , inferences with AI to determine Home / Work and functioning in real time, Enterprise Integrations is the Inloco feature that integrates and notifies CRM systems when a visit is detected in strategic places and inform the user context.

The context of a user is formed by several pieces of information that, together, allow companies to enrich their user base in their CRM and make actions such as:

  • 📨 Sending notifications through different services supported by your CRM.

    • E-mail, SMS and whatever else your CRM imagination allows.

  • 🎵 Improving understanding about your user base preferences.

  • 🧘Input for creating personas about your customers.

  • 🕓Understand the best times to engage your users.

  • 🏪Survey of the major places of interest of your base.

  • 🔁Use contextual information as cumulative triggers for future actions in your app.

    • Three times in food stores? Take this coupon to use in our partner's store!

If you're ready to integrate Enterprise Integrations to your CRM, follow the first step: