Creating push campaigns

To start, access the top Campaigns menu and then click on New Campaign.

​🎯Select the campaign objective

You must choose the purpose of your campaign:

Influence visits: the goal is to impact users in one or more locations and measure visits in another locations. In other words, the intention is to influence the user to visit another establishment.

Awareness: the goal is to impact the user in places where he is more likely to use your app, increasing engagement.

After that, give your campaign a name and determine the start period (required) and the end period of the campaign (optional). If you want, you can check the "Campaign paused" option to create the campaign, but do not impact any users yet.

​👱Setting up the audience

You can choose to send the push notification to all users who visit the locations we will select in the next step or send/not send to a specific group of users.

​🧠Note: You can find in this article (In Portuguese) the detailed explanation of how to enter a Group of user IDs in the correct format.

​🏬Selecting the campaign places

The first detail that we can determine is when the push notification will be sent. At the moment, it is possible to send the message when the user enter or leave some place.

The following is a list of options to choose from that refer to physical locations. These are:

  • Places from Inloco's database: We select a region directly on the map and choose which locations in that region to use. These locations are from Inloco's database.

  • Places from a list: From the concept of place lists, you can choose one of the lists previously created or create a new list of specific places. This functionality is useful for campaigns using the same set of establishments and the lists of places save repetitive work.

  • Most visited places per category: Impact the places with the most visits in each category (contained in our database) in the selected region. The categories are, for example: shopping malls, restaurants, supermarkets, etc.

  • Home: Target the campaign to places that are categorized as the user's home. 🏡

  • Work: The targeting is made to establishments classified as users' workplaces. 🏢

​🧙Tips: You can improve your campaign’s reach by checking the option to use users' proximity as impact criterion.

Find out more in our dedicated article about proximity 😉

If necessary, we can also limit the sending of push notifications by days of the week, specific times and limit the number of messages that users receive: a concept called capping.

You can limit both the number of messages a user will receive from the campaign currently being created as well as the number of messages a user can receive considering all of your push campaigns. The goal is to prevent, for example, a user from being affected by several campaigns and being flooded with notifications, ensuring their digital well-being.

​🧙♂ Tips: You as an user, how many times and when would you like to receive a push notification? We recommend that your push campaign send notifications during business hours: from 9am to 6pm with 1 shot per week.

​📊Extra step: measuring places

​🧠Note: This step will be displayed only in push campaigns with Influence Visits objective.

Similar to the previous step, you must choose the locations where you want to measure the visits of the people who will receive this push notification. The objective is to verify if, in fact, people were influenced to go to the location 🚶disclosed by the campaign. The choice of location follows the same list of seating options as in the previous step.

​🖼Push notification details

Finally, just determine the textual and visual details of your push notification: icon, title and description. The interface itself already informs the character limits and the preview of your message.

If you want, you can insert links that lead to any URL. This link must be in the https protocol. You can also insert deep links for your campaign.

​🧠Note: Icon image requirements

  • Supported formats: jpg or png

  • Dimensions: 432x432px

  • Maximum size: 450KB

​🧙♂ Tips: When writing a message, it is important to associate the message with user's context. Try to theme the message or associate it with the user's physical location.

After this step, just click on Create campaign and you're all set! ✅