Engaging users and influencing visits with push notifications

This use case is about a free feature.

Engaging users within the app can be a challenge, even with massive shots of pushs on promotions, information and news. With Inloco, we can create push notification campaigns 📲 in the ideal moment for each activation.

📌Some use cases

The moment of delivery of your push notification needs to be aligned with the message you intend to send. With this type of alignment, we can get activation results up to 3x greater than just triggering a simple message. Here we can use as an example an app that performs food delivery 🍔 . We know that the time chosen for shipping is close to meal times. This is already an excellent segmentation, but if we correlate it with arriving at work or even arriving at home, we can have even more efficient results.

Another example, if we are talking about an urban mobility application, we can relate the context of a user entering a bar, a restaurant or even a shopping mall, correlating the context of leisure with the need to return home or work.

If we take an example of campaigns where people arrive at the supermarket and are indicated to use a discount coupon, we like to indicate the reflection: you, as a user, how many times would you understand that interesting message? We recommend that the shooting be done during business hours: from 9 am to 6 pm, and with 1 shot per week.

All of these examples, segmentation possibilities and particularities for sending push notifications can be configured when creating Push campaigns at Inloco.

🧙♂Tips: You can improve even more your push campaigns using our Proximity feature to impact users in the nearby places from your places of interest. We'll teach you how to use it all in the next steps of this guide.

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