Enterprise integrations

Enterprise Integrations are one of the features of the Inloco product. Using context semantics, low battery consumption 🔋 (0.5% / day), AI inferences to determine Home/Work and functioning in real time, Enterprise Integrations notify CRM systems when a visit is detected in strategic establishments and inform the context that the user is inserted.

🕺 What is user context?

The context of a user is formed by several pieces of information that, together, allow companies to enrich their user base in their CRM and make decisions such as sending notifications, improving understanding about their users and other possible applications.

Each user context that is sent by Enterprise Integrations is formed by the following data:

  • User identifier: unique user identifier set by you.

  • Date and time: information when the visit was booked.

  • Region where the visit was counted: city where it took place.

  • Moment: indicates if it was at the time the user entered or left the place.

  • Approach: whether the user is "close to" or in the place.

  • Category: the categories related to the place of the visit (e.g., restaurant).

🚧 Attention: The user's identifier cannot be sensitive information or civil data.