SDK stands for “Software Development Kit”, which is a great way to think about it — a kit. Think about putting together a model car or plane. When constructing this model, a whole lot of items is needed, including the kit pieces themselves, the tools needed to put them together, assembly instructions, and so on and so forth.

Our platform is made up of three main parts: Inloco’s SDK, our classification service and our data infrastructure. Data collected by the SDK in our partner apps are sent to the contextualization service, which can then add context to the location received and also to measure visits. The enriched data are then published to our message broker system, from where they are routed to our applications. This can lead to innumerable use cases💡in different areas, such as smart cities planning, audience measuring, seamless authentication, etc.

🧠 Note: Inloco SDK currently supports Android, iOS and React Native.