Places and visits

🚶 What are visits for Inloco?

A visit is the basic location unit that references a person to a place according to its behavior.

Given the precision of Inloco's geolocation technology, we can determine what is and what is not a visit - having a high accuracy in this type of measurement. A person who crosses the sidewalk in front of a store or drives by on the street opposite, for example, does not generate a visit.

There is a small margin of error in the measurement in the case of stores inside malls 🛍 or airports , if the smartphone sensors do not capture signals with sufficient intensity.

We use information such as Wi-Fi signal, GPS and other smartphone sensors in order to identify the stopping moments.

🧠Note: A visit is primarily recorded when a consumer goes to a location and stays at least 5 to 10 minutes in a stationary state.

🏛 What are places and place lists in Inloco?

An establishment (or simply a place) refers to an identifiable physical entity in the real world, such as a mall, a restaurant, stores and related establishments. 🏪

The establishments are registered in your Inloco organization by using place lists to determine specific establishments that you want to use and measure in Inloco. Inloco also has an places database that you can use.

Place lists are a set of places that can be used to impact people when they arrive or leave these establishments. Place lists are also the basis for surveying metrics in the Analytics feature, which will be explained later.

🧙 Tips: Place lists are only necessary in some Inloco use cases, such as creating push campaigns. In our category of use cases, we will explain how to create lists of places, if you need to.😉