Home and work inference

When Inloco SDK collects data from a new device, we use two strategies for making a home and work inference: Frequent Locations and Visits in the region.

These strategies differ in speed and accuracy and at least one of the strategies must validate the user residence or place of work.

🏠 Frequent locations

A frequent location is defined by recency and frequency: visits have less weight if there is no previous visit to some place and more weight if there is one.

Considering parameters such as proximity, time of the day, recurrence speeds, permanence and some other internal strategies, we can determine if it is a frequent location for the user.

🔘 Proximity visits

Considering the locations visited by the user in a given strategic radius and through a verification cadence, we can assume this strategy - in combination with other internal heuristics - to help determine the device's home and work.

🧙♂ Tips: It may take a few days for new devices to have their homes/work inferred. However, if the user already had the Inloco SDK installed in other apps, it is possible that we already have this information.