Accounts and Organizations

You can access Inloco through an Inloco Platform account. An account has a name, a password, an associated email and an organization. Your organization is created at the moment your account is created.

An organization is the equivalent of your company's account at Inloco🏢. Every organization may contain: multiple users, integrated applications and access to different Inloco features.

It is also through your organization that you create Applications.

🧙 Tips: The management of an organization's users can be done through the management page available inside Inloco. We will teach you how to create your account in the first steps section.

🧠 Note: Each organization has specific permissions according to the company's needs. For example, for some companies, there is no need to use features such as Enterprise Integrations or to display certain content. Therefore, these options can be disabled specifically for that organization.