How to start?

Let's go through some tips to start your onboarding. 🤲

📘 Understand the concepts

Inloco uses several concepts both in this documentation, in the SDK integration and inside the product itself. As such, it is paramount to understand them well before proceeding. Don't worry: the concepts section is short and we try to be very direct 😉

🧙♂ Tips: See our knowledge base in Portuguese or English to learn even more.

🔧 Setup

After understanding the concepts involved with Inloco, you can now start the SDK integration process in your company's app. To get started, follow the instructions in the First Steps section. In a nutshell:

  1. Create an Inloco Account.

  2. Create an Application to represent your company's app.

  3. Integrate the Inloco SDK into your company's app and start using it.

🧠 Note: There may be use cases where additional setup is required. Don't worry: everything is explained in their respective use cases section.

🚀 Start using

We are ready! Now that your company's app is already integrated with the Inloco SDK, you can start using the product according to your needs. To better understand what the product may offer, you can check the use cases section.

🧙♂ Tips: Inloco is a suite of several features that can serve your business in different segments. Contact us for more options.

🤔 Any questions?

Fear not! If you have any additional questions about using Inloco, you can:

  • Check our FAQs and technical guides section.

  • Access our knowledge base in Portuguese or English.

  • Request support through the chat bubble inside Inloco.

  • Contact our Sales or Customer Success team.